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Conservation & Preservation

Of all the treasures in the Northwest North Carolina mountains, the most valuable is their magnificent ecological diversity; the great medley of plants, animals, climate and terrain that bring depth, vitality and beauty to the quality of life in the Southern Appalachians.

Standing watch over this ecological abundance, 300-million-year-old Grandfather Mountain is both a symbol for and a protector of the region’s priceless natural history.

In November of 1992, the United Nations added Grandfather Mountain to its international network of Biosphere Reserves. Grandfather is unique because in less than 5,000 acres there is habitat for 16 distinct ecological communities and 72 rare or endangered species.

Grandfather Mountain is also the symbol for and protector of the future of our treasured natural diversity. Over 4500 acres are protected under conservation easements held either by The Nature Conservancy or the state of North Carolina, all designed to restrict or prohibit any development that would change the present character of this valuable nature preserve.

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  • I was amazed with the scenery and the way the mountains just made my mouth drop in awe and wonder.  I have began hiking as a hobby lately after having a major back surgery in January 2010.  Now after coming there I have a new goal to hike up MacRae Peak so we will be coming back in a few months  and hopefully bring more people with us.  We really enjoyed the natural habitat and the bears. You people really know how to entertain us. The staff was very very and a special thanks to Jill on top of the Mountain at the Swinging Bridge for explaining the points and mountains to us.  She is to be my tour guide when I come back !
    Troutman, NC
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