Solar Power

119 Solar Panels Added to the Roof of the Nature Museum

solar panels Solar PowerCrews were busy in late December installing 119 photovoltaic solar panels that will generate 38.8 kW of electricity and bring Grandfather’s total capacity to 50 kW.  The added production will offset 25% of the electricity used in the Museum building each year.

This expansion of Grandfather’s renewable energy production represents a partnership between the Stewardship Foundation, Collaborative Solar, LLC of Boone and Heartwood Farms Properties, LLC of Hickory. Grandfather Mountain leased space on the roof of the Museum to Heartwood Farms, who with the expertise of Collaborative Solar installed and owns the solar panels.

Heartwood Farms’ investment is not limited to increasing Grandfather capacity to generate renewable energy.  They also are paying for the design and installation of an interpretive kiosk to educate the public about solar power. Grandfather’s educators are working with Collaborative Solar on that phase of the project now.

The only reason the Stewardship Foundation even considered renting the roof and allowing another company to collect and sell its solar energy is that the federal government offers tax credits to encourage investment in renewable energy.  Because the Stewardship Foundation is tax-exempt and pays no federal taxes, Grandfather can not benefit from those solar tax credits.

The owners of Heartwood Farms, however, have just sold a very successful business founded and built over their entire professional careers – so they can very much use those tax credits this year.

Under this agreement, Grandfather gets (1) to act on our commitment to environmental sustainability, (2) the satisfaction of knowing that green power offsets 25% of the electricity used at the Nature Museum each year  (3) the installation of an interpretive display to educate our visitors about solar, and (4) a small rental income.

The investors get (1) to use the renewable energy tax credits, (2) a few thousand dollars a year from selling power to the grid, and (3) the satisfaction of “doing well by doing good” in their community.

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  • Everyone needs to wash their spirit clean where nature heals and gives strength to both body and soul. Grandfather Mountain has been a place that has helped me reconnect with nature every time I hike his trails. I can feel him whispering to me each visit, or while I'm just sitting on the side of the mountain seeking nothing but a cool breeze and the quiet he offers. I raised my two children on those trails, teaching them we are just caretakers of this wonderful place and it must be protected for the generations that follow. This place is special and GM never lets me down. We must continue to protect this sacred place and be sure that 100 years from now, all his beauty remains the same for those who follow.
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