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Fall View

Who Knew That Protecting a 300-Million-Year-Old Mountain Could Be So Relaxing?

But it’s true. Every time you buy a ticket to Grandfather Mountain you are helping to make it possible for future generations to experience the wonder that can be found on Grandfather Mountain.

The Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation relies on admission sales to underwrite the expense of operating the travel attraction and nature park.  In exchange for that support, we work to provide visitors an exceptional guest experience that deepens their appreciation of nature.

Guests are invited to drive their own vehicles through the park and stop along the way to enjoy a variety of activities.  The main attraction is the exhilarating feeling of being on top of the world while looking out across views of mountain ridge after mountain ridge retreating to the horizon.

In addition to the beautiful mountain scenery, other features included in the price of admission are the famous Mile High Swinging Bridge, seven environmental habitats for native wildlife, a natural history museum, regular programs with staff naturalists, picnicking and the South’s best alpine hiking trails.

So if you are anxious to know that Grandfather Mountain will be here for your grandchildren to enjoy, buy a ticket and relax.  While you are soaking up the peace, tranquility and wonder of this awesome place, we’ll be making certain Grandfather Mountain remains this way forever.

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  • Last summer I returned to Grandfather Mountain after a more than 40 year absence and the return trip was even more magical than the initial trip. I was able to appreciate the majestic views of nature and all it's splendor with my grown son and my mother. We spent an adventure-filled day stopping at every spot mentioned on the CD and enjoyed a great deal of time in the animal habitats, especially the bears. My son's nickname is Bear, and frankly he resembles at least one of Grandfather Mountain's bears. We went up to the top by car since the hike was a little tough for my mom, however, she and my son crossed the Mile High Swinging Bridge together while I recorded their experience. Upon their return I crossed solo and was able to appreciate the views from the bridge and mentally check "GM Mile high Bridge" off my bucket list. My hope is to be able to visit Grandfather Mountain as often as possible and during every colorful season of the year to watch Mother Nature show off one of her greatest treasures.

    Palm Harbor, FL
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